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Underfloor heating is a revolutionary home heating solution that involves a network of concealed pipework integrated directly into your flooring. Offering an array of benefits over traditional radiators, this efficient and cost-effective system is ideal for homes across the UK.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Choosing the right underfloor heating system depends on various factors, including your project type, existing heating setup, and energy source. Whether you’re renovating, building anew, or simply looking to upgrade your heating, there’s a perfect underfloor solution for you.

Key Advantages:

  • Suitable for Most Properties: Versatile and adaptable to different home types.
  • Energy-Efficient: Maximizes energy efficiency, helping reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Space Maximization: Frees up valuable wall space by eliminating the need for radiators.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Enjoy the cozy sensation of warm floors throughout your home.
  • Zoned Control: Flexible control lets you tailor the temperature in each room.
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Discover the Comfort and Efficiency of Underfloor Heating in the UK.

How Does it Work?

Underfloor heating transforms your floor into a discreet, efficient, and virtually invisible heat source. Specialized tubing or cables are discreetly installed beneath the flooring, radiating heat upwards and warming your living spaces from the ground up. Warm water systems employ robust, flexible tubing, while electric systems utilize cables.

Efficency Matters

The expansive surface area covered by underfloor heating allows it to operate at lower water temperatures compared to traditional radiators. This improved efficiency not only saves energy, especially when paired with a heat pump but also eliminates cold spots in your rooms.

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Why Design Matters:

Our meticulous system design ensures optimal performance, taking into account room-by-room heat loss and efficiency considerations. The benefits of a designed underfloor system include:

  • Precise Temperature Control: Achieve the perfect temperature in each room.
  • Maximized Efficiency: Reduce energy consumption while maintaining comfort.
  • Customized Comfort: Tailor temperatures to your preferences.
  • Minimized Waste: Accurate material calculations minimize excess, reducing waste.

Underfloor Heating vs. Radiators:

While radiators have been a traditional choice for home heating, they may not be the most efficient option. In the UK, radiator-based heating generates approximately 2,745kg of CO2 emissions per year, whereas a water-based underfloor heating system is up to 25% more efficient, cutting emissions to only 686kg per year.

Advantages of Underfloor Heating:


Underfloor heating is incredibly adaptable, suitable for all property types, from new builds to renovations and extensions. You can install it in one room or multiple rooms, even upstairs.

Warm, Heated Floors:

Experience the delightful sensation of warm floors underfoot. Underfloor heating systems provide even warmth, eliminating cold spots and draughts that can occur with radiators.

25% More Efficient:

Warm water underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures, offering up to 25% greater efficiency compared to radiators. When paired with a heat pump, this efficiency can increase to an impressive 40%.

Space Saving & Discreet:

Underfloor heating systems remain discreetly hidden beneath the floor, eliminating the need for unsightly radiators. This makes them perfect for open-plan living spaces, smaller homes, and rooms where space is at a premium, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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Discover the unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and flexibility of underfloor heating. Whether you’re planning a new installation or upgrading your existing heating, our expert team is here to provide the perfect solution for your home. Experience the warmth from the ground up with underfloor heating.